Monday, October 18, 2010

A Matter of Pure Coincidence, Chance or Destiny

Body is matter, ... and matter is made up of molecules, particles and atoms.

I could have existed as any random atom anywhere in the universe.... Instead I ended up here, whether by chance or destiny.... and then some time later I met you.

And my atoms got together with your atoms... and together we created another human being.

Coincidence or not, we came a long way ... I hope Love - yours and mine - like the Universe is as immense and infinite and like Time always existed and always will.

I love you till the end.... when all I'll have are Polaroid pictures of last Summer... and your ashes... those I was supposed to scatter to the wind.

I miss your warm, sun-kissed, brown skin against mine.

Sommer Bloem In't Veld (Copyright 2010)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Love is ... to want and to need

''I love you
when you're happy and when you're sad,
when you're angry or upset.

I love you
even when there is no reason to
when I could just be one
but instead choose to be 1+1=2.

One day
you made me crave for companionship,
you made me vulnerable again,
you made me fear the pain,
that of going beyond
the point of no return, no coming back.

I want you because I don't need you,
but I need you to want me to need you."

Friday, September 11, 2009

Still and forever the love of my life...

We've been together for a while now
We're growing stronger everyday
It feels so good and there's no doubt

I'll stay with you as each morning brings sunrise
Though relationships can get old
They have the tendency to grow cold

And there will be heartaches and pains
But through it all, we will remain
In this life, we all know
Friends may come and go

I will stay
And when the dark clouds arrive
I will stay by your side
I know we'll be alright

And in the end I know that we'll find
Real love beautiful and divine
We'll be lovers for a lifetime

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Poema dos Olhos d'Amada

by Vinicius de Moraes

O minha amada,

que olhos os teus

Sao cais noturnos cheios de adeus

Sao docas mansas

Trilhando luzes

Que brilham longe,

longe nos breus

O minha amada,

que olhos os teus

Quanto mistério nos olhos teus

Quantos saveiros, quantos navios

Quantos naufragios, nos olhos teus

O minha amada

de olhos ateus

Quem dera um dia

quisesse Deus

Eu visse um Dia

o olhar mendigo

Da poesia

nos olhos teus.

O minha amada,

que olhos os teus…

Ô bien-aimée,

quels yeux tes yeux

Embarcadères la nuit,

bruissant de mille adieux

Des digues silencieuses

Qui guettent les lumières

Loin… si loin dans le noir

Ô bien-aimée,

quels yeux… tes yeux

Tous ces mystères

dans tes yeux

Tous ces navires,

tous ces voiliers

Tous ces naufrages

dans tes yeux

Ô ma bien-aimée

aux yeux païens

Un jour, si Dieu voulait

Un jour… dans tes yeux

Je verrais de la poésie,

le regard implorant

Ô ma bien-aimée,

quels yeux…

tes yeux

Ô ma bien-aimée !

Tes cheveux sont le lin dont je tisse ma voile,
Ton oreille, un saphir éblouissant la nuit.
Ô pâle tourterelle, à ton bras et sans bruit,
J’irai vers la colline, amoureux d’une étoile

Ton sein, tel une grappe où ma lèvre s’attarde,
Mûrit comme une vigne aiguisant mon désir,
Envahissant ma veine ; et mon cœur va choisir
Ton regard lumineux, éclat de ma mansarde.

Fleurit la violette où sombre l’aromate,
Embaumant tous mes jours en vapeur délicate,

Tandis que ta rivière étire son plaisir.
Viens, Ô ma bien-aimée ! en mon nid sonne l’heure
D’un soleil capiteux au seuil de ma demeure ;
En doux amant j’irai, t’enlaçant à loisir.

By courtesy @Marine juillet 2003

Friday, September 01, 2006

The Object Of My Desire

One Fine Day
I Was Lifted
By A Gust Of
Swirling Wind

Straight Into
Your Arms
By Your Charms

And I Fell
Under The Spell

In Amazement,
Deeply Enthralled
The Green Emerald
Of Your Eyes

In Awe I Stared
At The Beauty
Of Your Face

By Your Body
Full Of Grace

You Are My
Laura And My Diana
My Venus And Aphrodite
To The Depths Of Inferno
I'd Gladly Sink
If I Could Run Astride

My Rose Of The Winds
My Compass
My East And West
The Southern Cross
The Nordic Star

And Even Though
I Know You
Not For Long

I Sense A Fire
Burning Within
A Passion Sublime
And Strong

That The Flame
Beneath Melts Away
An Ice Cold Sorrow

My Heart Once Felt
And Is Now Gone
Set Ablaze

My Body Craves
For That Tight
Loving Embrace

That Quenches
My Thirst
My Hunger
My Taste

Oh, Beautiful Muse
Princess Of Light
My Guardian Angel

Deliver Me
From The Darkness
Release Me
From This Trance

Yes, I Fear Indeed
A Love Like This
Can Burn Out Swiftly
Or Be Made To Last

I Hope If Ever
The Dream Is Shattered
And You Vanish,
Disappear Forever

You'll Remember
One Day You Set
My Heart Alight

Don't Forget
You Were Once
A Glowing Spark
And The Object
Of My Growing,
Insatiable Desire

Sommer B. In't Veld © 2005

Friday, April 21, 2006

Amor Incognito

Let Me Tell You A Secret…

When The Fairies Whisper
Flying From Tree to Tree
Their Voices Are Heard
So Softly, Like A Breeze

One Day Long Ago…

One Such Fairy Told Me:- "You Know...
They Are Not Simple Whispers
But Lovers’ Shattered Dreams

And To Comfort Them
Of Such A Love Forlorn
The Fairies Sing
Their Magic Song"

And Yet, Here and Now
I Suffer In Silence
From This Love
That Bears No Name

Neither ‘Agape’ nor ‘Eros’,
‘Storge’ Or ‘Philia’
An Undeniable Tetra
'Sin Macula' Nor Shame

A Love So Pure,
So Vibrant
So Ephemerous
So Insecure

Of Two Bodies
Entwined, Conjoined
In A Romantic,
Inseparable Embrace

Oh, You Have Me
Addicted, Enchanted, Bewitched

And When Cupid Comes
Like A Gust Of Wind
Or A Sudden Summer Breeze
Sweeping Me Far Away

Carried By Your Charms
In The Turbulence
Of Those Arms

I Stare In Amazement
At This Raw, Savage, Virginal Beauty
About You

I See It Through
The Freckled Smoothness
Of Your Ivory Skin

In The Ocean Blue
Of Your Hungry Eyes
And Even Though
That Steely Azur
May Hide An Angelic
Innocence In Disguise

I Sense A Fire Burning Within
A Resolve So Strong, Passionate, Sublime
That The Furnace Beneath
Melts Away
Even The Coldest Of Hearts

My Cupid You Needed Not
Throw A Flaming Arrow
You Pierced My Heart
With An Enchanting Song

And If Ever
The Dream Is Shattered
And You Should Disappear Forever
Don’t Be Like The Others
That Never Said
Au Revoir Or Adieu
It Was Nice To Meet You

I’ll Be Glad Nonetheless
I’ll Remember The Time
You Came And You Went
Like A Summer Breeze

Ours Was Not A Love To Last
There Was Always Fresher Grass Afield

Now Tell Me
If You Had To Leave
And Break My Heart
Why Did You Not
Think or Feel Like

Saying Goodbye?

Sommer B. In't Veld © 2005

Palanca Negra

e num instante, desejo-te!
Inflamado de paixão súbita,
Mal escondo a minha excitação.

Quiçá és mulher alheia
ou Amazona livre?
Donzela já conquistada
ou Musa do meu Amor?

Vem minha doce e nobre palanca
Sacia-me este desejo ardente, louco
que me consome a alma.

Vem pôr fim a esta dor solitária
Ao vazio que me enche
A tristeza que teima em ficar

E num abraço
Envolve o teu corpo no meu.
Deixa-me trepar
Essas Serras da Lemba
Cor de ébano, resplandecente!

Oh, enroscar-me nesse
Corpo lustroso
Que numa tarde de Verão
Na Ilha de Luanda,
Brilhava como
Diamante perdido,

Tesouro privado
De que me quero

Esse olhar altivo
e provocador,
Quando me descobres mirando-te
Sinal de pudor
Ou instinto protector
És tu a culpada
Ou sou eu o sedutor?

Sommer B. In't Veld © 2005

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

"Easy come, Easy go"

"Je crois pas dans le Destin, mais je trouve souvent qu'il y a des gens qui croisent notre chemin,
et qui des fois laissent quelque chose derriere,

Je considere ma vie comme un livre,
il y a ceux qui viennent et tout en passant laissent un memoir,
et parfois ecrivent choses bonnes ou mechantes,
un mot, peut etre une phrase ou rien du tout.

Il y a aussi d'autres qui reussisent a ecrire un paragraphe tout entier,
... mais il y a ceux qui deviennent des co-auteurs...
... et ecrivent des pages et des pages...

et qui sait, peut-etre resteront jusq'au "The End"!